Cisco Velarde: Fine art photographer

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was born and raised in the wilds of northern New Mexico, where his vast cisco_velarde2 love and appreciation for the beauty of the region  was cultivated. He left northern New Mexico for short interludes — to pursue an ill-fated attempt at cooking school — only to return to the motherland. He dabbled in photography in high school, and in the last 3 years he has rediscovered a serious interest in what is clearly his long-lost passion. Cisco continues to reside in northern New Mexico, still taking pictures of the beautiful landscape and now expanding into portrait photography.


Cisco feels that art should be made every day as a cornerstone of one’s existence. Good art makes the good days great and the bad days good. He also believes that the younger generation of artists is under-represented in Taos, and should start a revolution to take back art and re-explore the definition of what art is; after all, this generation and the next will continue to create, purchase, and critique art.


Cisco’s photographs have been featured at the Pilar Visitor’s Center, Ennui Gallery, the Taos News, and more; he is also the company photographer for Taos theatre group Teatro Serpiente. All of Cisco Velarde’s photos are available on fine art photography paper and as framed canvas prints.


He can be reached at, 575-776-7780, or on his website


He is still waiting for the mothership to come and buy him a pint.


He also enjoys pie.